Over the last 15 years, Positive Reframe’s founders, Marcus Child and Mark Robb, have been making a positive, memorable & measurable difference to some of the UK’s leading brands.


Lead, Motivate, Engage


What We Do...

Provide cutting edge and unique tools, tips & techniques on how to Lead, Motivate & Engage People.

Our specialism is enabling organisational change. With an proven reputation for helping leaders create the conditions for success to enable their people to deliver expectation beating service. We:

EQUIP executive teams to clarify their business ambition, align their strategy, communicate these goals vividly, lead behavioural change from the front, create the conditions for success and sustain the energy so that impressive results materialise.

ENABLE people to get through periods of high challenge and change healthily, effectively and more quickly than their competitors.

ENGAGE large numbers of front-line employees to thrive on delivering exceptional customer service with commitment, ownership and spirit.

We take different approaches because our clients face different challenges. Whilst we are schooled and qualified in psychological, educational and organisational theory, we are not the disciples of a particular methodology. We value the practical and the clear, tend to shy away from indiscriminate jargon and are rarely fascinated by arcane models or with reproducing them on PowerPoint!

We believe that real intelligence is in finding the relatively few levers in a complex situation that will change things beneficially… …and then working these with uncommon levels of enthusiasm, persistence and discipline. Once the momentum starts sustainable progress is the story.


How we do it…

Extraordinary levels of energy & spirit.

Our workshop style is a hallmark. Learning programmes full of colour and incident that win real engagement, we draw upon a large archive of research, exercises, simulations, & competitive group challenges.

What really matters is that the Modules should be landmark events for participants – vibrant, energising and rank very highly in their lists of “Best things that I have experienced at work”. They have intellectual and emotional impact, quick tempo and a continuous urge for improvement, which flows, to commitment and post-workshop action.

  • High-energy presentations, anecdotes and demonstrations.
  • Use of imagination-capturing & inspiring techniques, exercises and simulations.
  • Highly interactive and engaging methods to remember learning by.
  • The use of relevant case studies / research to underline key messages.
  • Challenging, equipping and inspiring participants to act now.


Why we do it…

Enhance organisational performance through people.

  • Faith in ourselves, our methods and clients
  • Belief that the difference we can make will be worthwhile, genuinely beneficial – and the right thing to do.
  • Our determination to get results and a driving conviction that everyone can change for the better.