Marcus Child

Marcus Child

Marcus Child has had a remarkable and uplifting impact on the people and the results of many of the UK’s best-known businesses during the past twenty years. Marcus' emphasis on people exploiting the workplace as an environment for self-improvement as well as commercial success means that the new habits he trains are practised in the minds and relationships of people - within and without work - long after his programmes are complete. He regularly speaks on conference platforms and has advised politicians, sportspeople and CEOs around the world.

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    Mark Robb

    Mark Robb

    Mark Robb has had a commercially measurable impact on some of the UK’s largest brands over the last twenty years. Specialising in how Leaders create a culture to drive staff engagement to increase customer delight. He designs and delivers whole business cultural evolution programmes. Using arresting and memorable techniques as well as cutting edge research and psychometrics. His no-nonsense practical and commercially focused approach challenges and equips people to harnesses the huge but often dormant power that lies within them.

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      Our Team

      ♯ Jon Wilks – Senior Associate

      Leads on many of Positive Reframes largest projects. Energetic, entertaining and memorable style, fabulous people person, very savvy about service and sales … Renaissance man.

      ♯ Paul Dowding

      Relaxed, engaging and challenging style based on psychological understanding. Vast international leadership development experience, extremely good at unlocking self-awareness in others.

      ♯ John Mac

      Over twenty years experience in leadership development. Business Psychologist has 3 degrees, still boxing competitively in his 50’s, Irish Team Duathlete … forthright, down to earth style.

      ♯ Mark Vollans

      Earthy pragmatism, expert in creativity, innovation & team dynamics. Very focused on practical application of learning.

      ♯ Nigel Dennis

      Specialist in negotiating and enabling people to use language and reason to persuade others. Extensive Financial service experience. A reflective but highly thought provoking style with a lighthearted wisdom.

      ♯ Alison Walker

      Expert in organizational change, beguiling yet potent style. OU lecturer and specialist in psychometric instruments.