It is impossible to quantify the affect that Marcus had in isolation - but the business over performed against estimate by almost £80 million profit during this period. I put a sizeable portion of that down to the impact that Marcus had.

Neil McCausland, Managing Director, C+A April 15, 2015

Kelly credits positive thinking for trend-bucking performance...

Read the full article.

Irish Times April 15, 2015

How do you fire up 20,000 people with the same message, but with very little money? Bring in Marcus, start with a clean sheet of paper, then let him loose on your top forty people - they will do the rest! Brilliant!

Jerry Walton, Managing Director, First Quench April 15, 2015

Mark Robb was first introduced to Wallis 6 months ago and has since worked closely with the Board of Directors and management teams on a regular basis. To date, Mark has proved to be not only inspirational and motivational for this senior population but has also managed to really influence and challenge ways of thinking.

Mark has carried out a variety of work for us and has been extremely instrumental in the design and delivery of our in-house leadership programme. Taking courses from design to implementation, Mark has covered areas from leadership, enhancing potential to challenging and asserting. Mark has also played a huge part in helping the board to develop the brands vision and strategy.

I personally, have found Mark to be a breath of fresh air to work with. He has a great approach and a real 'wow' factor in his delivery and style.

Anne Secunda, Brand Director, Wallis April 15, 2015

Jon provided a thought provoking motivational session, underpinned with inspiring quotes. A well balanced delivery of an interactive presentation, exactly what was needed at the end of our 2 day conference.

Karl H. Hofmann, Managing Director, Rittal Ltd April 15, 2015

Marcus Child is a speaker I have heard several times now. I rate him as one of the best I have heard in my life. He is one of those fascinating speakers whose comments transcend both business and personal life. I know of several people who have changed their lives dramatically after having heard Marcus speak.

John Sopher, Chief Executive, Documedia April 15, 2015

He is a great catalyst for behavioural change. He is simply the best deliverer I have ever seen - and I have worked with a lot of the big names!

Angie Risley, Management and Organisational Development Director, Whitbread plc. (Main Board) April 15, 2015

The Spirit to Inspire programme was a great success in David Lloyd and has had a measurable impact on both member and team retention. Mark Robb's idea of building around the Service Profit Chain gave the ideas we had discussed meaning and structure, and the ethos of DLL is built around this concept. Mark Robb was exceptional, the support and guidance he gave us enabled all the senior managers and board members in David Lloyd the ability and the confidence to deliver and own a sustainable successful cultural change programme. The programme is woven through all the training planning and decisions we make, giving clear principles and deliverable goals. Mark is professional and hard working and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Jane Coleman, Regional Director, David Lloyd Leisure April 15, 2015

Marcus is exceptional in his presentational style. He delivers in a very powerful and inspirational way, he is fast paced, dynamic and very lively. His anecdotal examples are always humorous, interesting and keep people thinking. He brings a whole new style to presentations.

Greg Place, General Manager, Heathrow Flagship Hotel, Marriott. April 15, 2015

It was the first time in 7 years that my 2 groups have given an unanimous "excellent" to any speaker - this is a great achievement.

Ivan Goldberg, Chair, TEC International April 15, 2015

Mark's style of training is motivational, hits the mark and his method of delivery is up-beat and relevant to his audience. His delivery style is educational with examples, which people like. Our staff really enjoy his sessions, which are delivered in an interesting and fun way. He also ensures that participants are engaged in the various sessions - even the sceptics amongst them. Our Orientation programme has changed our customer experience enormously and we have received very positive feedback from both customers and staff who have noticed a demonstrable improvement in attitude and service delivery.

Mark has a real talent for striking the right chords and for engaging and involving his audience, irrespective of grade and age.

Esme Fay, Head of Customer Relations for I & P, PricewaterhouseCoopers April 15, 2015

Our Service Leadership Program, in which Marcus was a key facilitator, received participant comments that praised Marcus in his delivery, message, motivation and inspiration! Marcus has a unique style which sets him apart and above many others. His integrity is solid. And, he produces results!

Marianne Soponis, Director, World-Wide Training Delivery, Marriott International April 15, 2015

Off the shelf programs are difficult to implement and rarely last. Sustained improvements in service delivery come from the heart. Marcus's unique communication style and his ability to empower and coach, enabled Sun Microsystems to develop and grow its own Program Leaders to drive sustainable service improvements through passion and belief. Intelligent use of exciting and innovative ideas, has made our program sought after, with no cynical feedback and positive proven results.

Richard Sweetman, Operating System Group Manager, Sun Microsystems April 15, 2015

FANTASTIC! - Marcus brings to life any group of people and enables them to realise their own potential by believing they 'can do it'. Linked to key business needs, Marcus becomes a powerful asset to any organisation.

Helena Feltham Director, UK Retail HR, Marks and Spencer April 15, 2015

We at TEC International UK are very honoured to present our 'Speaker of the Year Award 2001' to Marcus Child. Marcus has made a significant impression the lives of our many members and he rightly deserves this recognition. The power of the mind to drive us all is something quite incredible and Marcus helps us all harness that power to achieve success both in our business and personal lives.

Robert Drew, Chief Executive, TEC International (UK) Limited April 15, 2015